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  • How do I submit my story?
    Form for submissions will be live on this website starting February 14, 2022 (Valentine's Day). If you do not see the submission form at this time, then submissions are not open. Please return during the submission period, February 14 - April 1, 2022.
  • Can I submit concept art with my story?
    Yes, but it is not required.
  • I'm a writer only. Can I submit my story without an accompanying artist or letterer?
    Yes, we will work to place you with an artist and/or letterer if we select your story. We do not guarantee we will be able to find an artist and/or letterer for you, but we will try. Preference will be given to writers with an accompanying team or solo writer/artist/letterer creators.
  • Can I submit more than one story for consideration?
    No. Only one story per team or creator can be submitted.
  • Can I submit reprints?
    No. Previously published works will not be considered.
  • Can I submit a comic that is already completed but is currently unpublished?
    Yes, as long as it fits the genre.
  • Do I need to have been previously published to be considered for this anthology?
    No. First timers are welcome!
  • Who is the target audience?
    The target age range for this anthology is from young adult to adult. Stories applicable to an “R” rating are acceptable, but should not contain graphic violence or excessive adult situations.
  • Is nudity acceptable?
    Yes, but not graphic sex.
  • Are submitters responsible for final page lettering?
    Yes, after funding is complete.
  • What part of the creative process are submitters responsible for?
    If selected, submitters are responsible for writing, illustrations, and lettering. This can be done by single creators or with a team.
  • What is the page rate for this anthology?
    The page rate is $100 per page. This is the total compensation per page that will be paid. If there are multiple creators on a single project, the creators are responsible for distributing funds at their discretion.
  • What compensation are the curators taking?
    No financial compensation is being provided to the curators. The curators do have the option to each have one short story included in the anthology as well, under the same page limitations as other creators.
  • Will I hear back even if my story is not selected?
    Yes, you will receive a response even if your story is not selected.
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