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2022 Selections

Thank you to everyone who submitted stories. Out of 140 received submissions, we are pleased to announce the following 12 selections.

Official Selections

All or Nothing


Noah Stephens

D’Khari: The Third Most Famous Space Pirate in the Galaxy

Travis B. Hill

Matt Gaudio

Lady Tiger

Kaytee Brown

Sarah Fletcher

The Lawson Criterion

Ben Humeniuk

Attempt 1623

Vitalii Kalchenko

Higher Calling

Damien Becton

Marco Del Forno

Stonie Williams

Long Distance in Triple Time

Paul Carroll

James Killian

More Time

James Ferguson

Jenny Odio

Matt Krotzer

The Distance Between

Nahuel Fanjul-Arguijo



Lindz McLeod

Miranda Leyson

The Long Metal Road

Doug Wood

Federica Manchin

Marta Gasperoni

We Have to Stop Meeting Like This

Rachel Suhs

Caroline Layne

Invited Contributors

Space and Time

Brent Fisher

Fell Hound



C.J. Hudson

Syd Mills

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